Pilates is a practice of exercises using special apparatus’ designed to improve total body, strength, flexibility, posture and enhance mental awareness.

Pilates was developed over a century ago by the man himself, Joseph Pilates. Pilates was originally designed to rehabilitate injured soldiers in world war one and late used for strength & conditioning of dancers.

Clinical Pilates is based on these earlier teachings of Joseph Pilates with the addition of prescribing exercises that are clinically relevant to certain movement patterns or conditions. These exercises are predetermined based upon an individual assessment.

The major benefit of Clinical Pilates is the added support you will receive with your sessions from a highly qualified instructor. We offer both private (1:1) or semi-private (1:4) options dependent on the level of comfort and experience for each individual.



Our clinical sessions allow us to focus our attention on the key areas that need correcting in order to address your problem/s. We do this by way of assessment and development of an individualised program based on our findings. Clinical Pilates gives us the option to modify positions to achieve maximal control and strength out of specific muscles all without causing you discomfort.

Our clinical classes are not like ordinary group classes where you follow the instructor. Our Pilates classes are one instructor to four clients with the difference being each client follows their own individual program. Our instructors are there to guide you along the way, ensuring you always have correct technique and challenging you to constantly reach new heights.

Reformer Pilates in Moonee Ponds


Improved quality of sleep

Improved muscle tone, strength and flexibility

Better posture

Stress management and relaxation

More positive energy

Improved concentration

Increased body awareness, balance and co-ordination

Clinical Pilates

Our style

Our clinical Pilates style varies in forms of impact, whilst maintaining our key values of flexibility, muscular strength & endurance, posture, technique and motor control. Our instructors are constantly undergoing educational training to bring you the latest evidence based research.



We start with an initial 1:1 assessment with an instructor to gain an understanding of your history and what you want to achieve through Pilates. We then take you through an assessment to observe your movement patterns and imbalances in order to develop your program. Depending on your level of experience, we recommend two pathways, doing another 1:1 session or attending a semi-private class (1:4).