A different kind of Physiotherapy

At Kinetic, our focus is to get you to move, treat you, educate you and then have you on your way to living life again.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps repair damage, reduce stiffness and pain, increase mobility and improve quality of life. We also aim to educate you on your diagnosis, the factors pertaining to your problem, the prognosis and how you can fix and manage your problem.



Comprehensive subjective examination


A verbal assessment to obtain a detailed history of the presenting condition and current management in place.

Objective Examination


We perform a physical assessment to determine the cause of the problem and if the symptoms correlate with the dysfunction.



We utilise a variety of treament techniques including, but not limited to, soft tissue therapy, joint mobilisation, dry needling, cupping, electrotherapy and active exercise therapy based on our assessment findings. Our treatment techniques are based on the principles of evidence based research and active engagement.

Treatment Plan


Upon conclusion of the phsyiotherapy session, you will be gievn a detailed management plan which includes diagnosis, treatment frequency, strengthening/stretching exercises, requirement of other health services and other relevant recommendations.


Physio & Pilates in Ascot Vale

Welcome to the masters of movement – your complete haven for improving movement and bettering your health. Here at Kinetic Physio & Pilates, we offer a full-serve movement clinic, delivered by a multi-discipline team of experts. + Read More

To move better is to live better; a mantra we firmly believe in. Every treatment we deliver is designed with the end goal of helping you live a better life, enabling you to embrace greater vitality and live each day to the full.

Physio Ascot Vale

Within our studio is the leading Ascot Vale physiotherapy clinic, with a team of expert physios available to assess and treat a myriad of pain conditions and injuries. We do things a little differently here at Kinetic, going to an in-depth level to understand and diagnose your condition.

Once we have delivered a diagnosis, we can provide you with a full treatment and management plan to help alleviate and aid your condition. Treatments delivered by our physios, include, but are not limited to:

• Soft tissue massage
• Joint mobilisation/manipulation
• Dry Needling 
• Cupping
• Electrotherapy

Clinical Pilates Ascot Vale

For those seeking greater movement, mobility, strength, energy and toning, pilates ticks every box. It’s also a key set of exercise techniques for those in recovery or rehabilitation from an injury or chronic pain condition. At Kinetic, we first perform a physical assessment of your movement, strength, flexibility and mobility.

With a view of your capabilities and understanding of any issues, we can then recommend a Pilates class to suit your needs and advise on whether you should do 1:1 or semi-private group classes. We are proud to be recognised as the leading studio for clinical, pregnancy and reformer pilates Ascot Vale has to offer.

Remedial Massage

Looking for a massage therapist Ascot Vale wide? You’ve come to the right place. We are here to help you to de-stress, reduce pain and relieve muscle tension, key issues which can hinder your movement and health. Our expert massage therapists can perform remedial massage, customised to your specific condition and needs.

By speaking to you about any discomfort or pain you are experiencing, or any injuries that have occurred, followed by a physical assessment, our therapists can recommend the precise massage treatment that will bring the most positive results. This may involve deep tissue massage, sports massage or cupping.

Strength Training, Dietetics and More

Rounding up our full scope of services at Kinetic are our strength and fitness training sessions. Delivered in 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions, scheduled around your life and work commitments, our personal strength and conditioning coaches work with you to help you achieve your specific health and fitness goals.

To ensure you can nail your nutrition, we also have a team of in-house dieticians. Nutrition has a critical role to play in achieving your overall health goals. Our dieticians assess your nutritional habits and can deliver a programme to help you meet your specific objectives. They can also assess for nutritional allergies, diseases and conditions which may be holding you back from being the best version of you.

Take The First Step To Improving Your Health

Take the first step to mastering movement and bettering your health – call us on 03 9370 1888 to book a consultation today. We would love to discuss your needs, goals, pains and passions and advise on the best path to take to get you en route to living your best life.

Looking For Clinical Pilates In Ascot Vale?

Then look no further than Kinetic Physio and Pilates. Our classes provide you with a deep understanding of your physical condition as well as the exercises and knowledge required to tackle it effectively.

Research Guided Treatment

Physio Pilates focusses on strengthening the core muscles around the torso, back and hip to gain better stability. Building core strength provides a stable foundation from which the body can work more efficiently as one. Although strength and conditioning are important elements in clinical Pilates, they are in fact secondary to the reconditioning of neural pathways that connect muscle movement to the brain.

When a muscle becomes injured the brain drafts in surrounding muscles to complete the task of the weakened one. Over time this over-reliance on surrounding muscles can result in pain elsewhere as the musculature is no longer working in unison. Clinical Pilates corrects this misalignment through repetition of key muscle movements that help:

  • Improve body awareness
  • Strengthen the diaphragm
  • Build core muscle strength
  • Develop the muscle-brain connection

Manage Pain Through Physical Gain

Our Pilates classes are suitable for those suffering almost any type of pain. We can identify the source and severity of your discomfort and formulate an exercise programme to manage and reduce the symptoms effectively. Pain is not a feature in any of our classes. If you experience any pain during an exercise, we stop the process immediately, reassess your movement and adjust your regime accordingly. Pilates should involve effort and should never involve pain.

All of our clinical Pilates classes are kept small in size so that we can give you the time and focus you need in every session. To enable us to monitor each individual and their specific pain or muscle issue closely our class size never exceeds four. This also allows us to modify your Pilates exercises depending on your rate of progress and the precise nature of your injury.

We also offer a whole host of other treatment options that we can recommend based on your private consultation. So, regardless of your physical condition, we have the perfect rehabilitation strengthening or flexibility class for you.

Your Streamlined Recovery

At Kinetic Physio and Pilates, we have every service you require for your strengthening or recovery under one roof. In our studio, we cover everything you need from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and pain management. All of our consultants, physios, dieticians and instructors work in close collaboration to manage each client’s programme with the utmost care and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

If you are looking to increase your mobility, recover from a painful injury or you simply want to avoid future injuries, then you have come to the right place. Give us a call today or stop by our studio to arrange a consultation and see firsthand how we can offer you the best physio in Ascot Vale. Our health practitioners would be happy to accompany you on your journey to greater well-being.

Here at Kinetic, we offer clinical & reformer pilates & physio, as well as remedial massage. We cover suburbs across Melbourne, including Ascot Vale, Brunswick & Maribyrnong

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What can we treat?

Acute injuries , Back Pain , Chronic Injuries , Neck Pain

Chronic Pain , Pre/Post Natal , Sporting Injuries, Occupational Safety

Rehabilitation , Post Operative Rehabilitation

Who is Physiotherapy for?

We accept all types of clients including:

Private Health (all health insurers)

Enhanced Primary Care Plans (Medicare)

Workcover Claims

Transport Accident Commission Claims (TAC)

Referrals from General Practitioners & Specialists


Feel the difference

Physiotherapy can help repair damage, reduce stiffness & pain, increase mobility and improve quality of life. At Kinetic we aim to educate you on your diagnosis, the factors pertaining to your problem, the prognosis and how we (patient and therapist) can fix or manage the problem. Once resolution or management has been achieved, we teach you how to maintain your injury to avoid any recurrences.

Our Promise

Upon completion of your session, we promise that you should have a firm understanding of your;

  • Diagnosis and causative factors

  • Prognosis (final outcome)

  • Time-frames (length of injury)

  • Treatment/management plan (including treatment frequencies)