Remedial Massage at Kinetic Physio & Pilates

How else can massage improve my life?

Massage has many other benefits including;

· improved mental health (anxiety and depression),

· muscular benefits (back, neck and joint pain)

· improved immune system activity

· increased circulation

· normal digestive system function

· improved mood and sleep quality



Sports Massage

A sports massage is the precision application of massage techniques that focuses on motion, flexibility, and strength training to achieve a specific goal for an athlete. A sports massage can be used pre or post event, during recovery phase or when an athlete is injured and is working through rehabilitation. Techniques that apply are friction, compression, hydrotherapy, stretching, range of motion and more. If you are an athlete is it important to get a massage by a professional who know how to provide a sport massage as there are important factors to aid while treating an athletes body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Focusing on the deepest layers of the muscle tissue the massage therapist will apply deeper pressure to trigger points to help release some chronic muscle tension.

Remedial Massage

Treat yourself to a therapeutic massage. You will receive a complete assessment and treatment of muscles. This also includes the treatment of tendons, ligaments and connective tissue to source and control pain management, treat injuries and facilitate rehabilitation. 




Cupping is a ancient technique that consists of places cups on your skin to create suction. These cups are place on your skin for a few minutes to assist with the circulation of blood flow, reducing pain and inflammation.


MASSAGE OPTIONS: We know you are busy during the day, that’s why we have made our times more flexible to suit your needs. We offer 30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute massages to suit all your needs.

HEALTH INSURANCE REBATES: Have private health insurance? No worries swipe your card at the time of your consultation and receive an instant rebate. We cannot tell you exactly how much you will receive back as rebates are dependent on each individual’s insurer and level of cover.

Remedial Massage Therapists Ascot Vale

A quick back rub, hot stone massage or hydrotherapy session sounds marvellous – but could it be doing you more harm than good? When we’re feeling stiff or suffering from muscular pain, a massage can seem like the ultimate relief. It’s true that massage can relive and help with recovery from pain and injury – but only if carried out by a knowledgeable, qualified massage therapist who has performed a deep assessment of your pain and muscular condition beforehand. + Read More

Remedial Massage Ascot Vale – The Massage For Greater Movement

Strolling into a salon or spa for a massage may provide you with monetary relief. However, the incorrect application of pressure to problem areas can aggravate the condition and post further issues in the long term. When you want a massage that matters, that will truly impact your ability to move better; it’s best to book in with a remedial massage therapist.

Your local remedial massage therapist Ascot Vale wide is Kinetic Physio and Pilates. Among our team are some of the leading and most celebrated physios and massage therapists across the wider area. Trust in us to get to root cause of your pain or discomfort and apply the right massage treatment to provide both instant and lasting results.

Our Remedial Massage Services

No two patients are the same and that’s why before tour first massage session, we will conduct a full assessment, both verbal and physical, to understand any pain or stiffness you are experiencing, diagnose the issue and prescribe the right massage treatment plan, as well as any other additional exercises or treatments which may benefit your recovery.

Remedial massage has a profound effect for our clients, helping not only to alleviate pain but to improve mental health, quality of sleep, digestive and immune functioning and blood flow circulation through precise pain management and recovery and carefully applied massage movements.

We offer a number of different massage services, with the service prescribed depending on your needs, goals and diagnosis:

Sports Massage

If you participate in sports, no matter what level of competition, remedial massage can prove an effective treatment for injury rehabilitation, post-game/competition recovery or for muscle activation pre game or competition. Your remedial massage therapist will work with you to find the precise pressure application and trigger points to help speed recovery, improve muscular performance and put you on a swift path to prime athletic movement.

Remedial Massage

This targeted form of massage aims to treat certain muscles and their connecting tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. An initial assessment will identify the core areas of focus, and through targeted therapeutic massage, pain can be effectively controlled and the precise injury rehabilitated.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage involves the identification of pain trigger points and the application of deep, targeted pressure to those trigger points to relieve the muscle tension that is causing you discomfort and affecting your movement and range of motion.


Cupping is a specialist ancient massage technique and one which remains both incredibly popular and effective to this day. It is especially effective for improving circulation and in turn reducing pain and inflammation in affected areas.

Here at Kinetic, we offer clinical & reformer pilates & physio, as well as remedial massage. We cover suburbs across Melbourne, including Ascot Vale, Brunswick & Maribyrnong

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