Remedial Massage at Kinetic Physio & Pilates

How else can massage improve my life?

Massage has many other benefits including;

· improved mental health (anxiety and depression),

· muscular benefits (back, neck and joint pain)

· improved immune system activity

· increased circulation

· normal digestive system function

· improved mood and sleep quality



Sports Massage

A sports massage is the precision application of massage techniques that focuses on motion, flexibility, and strength training to achieve a specific goal for an athlete. A sports massage can be used pre or post event, during recovery phase or when an athlete is injured and is working through rehabilitation. Techniques that apply are friction, compression, hydrotherapy, stretching, range of motion and more. If you are an athlete is it important to get a massage by a professional who know how to provide a sport massage as there are important factors to aid while treating an athletes body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Focusing on the deepest layers of the muscle tissue the massage therapist will apply deeper pressure to trigger points to help release some chronic muscle tension.

Remedial Massage

Treat yourself to a therapeutic massage. You will receive a complete assessment and treatment of muscles. This also includes the treatment of tendons, ligaments and connective tissue to source and control pain management, treat injuries and facilitate rehabilitation. 




Cupping is a ancient technique that consists of places cups on your skin to create suction. These cups are place on your skin for a few minutes to assist with the circulation of blood flow, reducing pain and inflammation.


MASSAGE OPTIONS: We know you are busy during the day, that’s why we have made our times more flexible to suit your needs. We offer 30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute massages to suit all your needs.

HEALTH INSURANCE REBATES: Have private health insurance? No worries swipe your card at the time of your consultation and receive an instant rebate. We cannot tell you exactly how much you will receive back as rebates are dependent on each individual’s insurer and level of cover.

Remedial Massage Therapy in Moonee Ponds

Relief, relaxation, reduced pain, reinvigorated energy, revitalised vitality. The benefits of regular remedial massage are far too underrated. At Kinetic, we are delighted to offer a full-service Moonee Ponds massage clinic, providing a team of the leading massage therapists Moonee Ponds has to offer. + Read More

Our capabilities go beyond delivering a little TLC and relaxation, what we provide is a massage treatment with transformative results.

What is Remedial Massage?

A “relaxation” massage seeks to relax the muscles, loosen up and shake off some stress. Remedial massage goes deeper than that, working to relieve muscular pain and tension. Your remedial massage therapist will seek to understand your pain and identify the root cause. They will then tailor your massage treatment to specifically address and alleviate your specific pain issue.

Remedial Massage in Moonee Ponds

Remedial massage even extends to include the treatment of tendons, ligaments and connective tissue to ease pain, treat injuries and facilitate rehabilitation. 

Remedial Massage Moonee Ponds

Kinetic is your go-to clinic for remedial massage Essendon wide. Our massage therapists are here to aid your pain management and provide effective relief with every treatment. We start massage treatments with a verbal and physical assessment, to understand the source of your pain, suggest and apply the best treatment to help your condition. Treatments may include:

Deep Tissue Massage

With a deep tissue massage, your therapist will focus on the deepest layers of the muscle tissue, applying stronger pressure to trigger points to release chronic muscular tension.

Sports Massage

When prescribed a sport massage, your therapist will perform massage techniques that focuses on motion, flexibility, and strength training to achieve a specific sporting goal or to aid recovery from a sporting issue.


An ancient technique, cupping is an excellent treatment for many pain conditions. To apply this method, your therapist will place the specialist suction cups on your skin for a few minutes to increase blood flow, circulation and reduce pain and inflammation.

Remedial massage offers a number of clear benefits – reducing muscle pain and tension, stress management, injury recovery, increased mobility and flexibility, better circulation, detoxification and improved skin tone to name but a few.

If these are the benefits you are seeking, arrange your consultation with Kinetic today. We’ll pair you with the most knowledgeable remedial massage therapist Essendon has to offer to assess your condition and get you on your way to feeling great and living your best life.

Experience The Kinetic Way

Kinetic aren’t just the leading clinic for massage therapy Moonee Ponds wide; we are so much more. Based just 5 miles outside Melbourne CBD, our clinic is a full-serve movement haven. After all, to move better is to live better. At Kinetic, our multi-discipline team offer all the knowledge and guidance you need to increase your movement and improve your health.

Build your strength and get into peak physical shape with our personal strength and fitness training sessions. Master movement with 1:1 and semi-private reformer and clinical pilates classes. Get on top of pain and injury with forward-thinking physiotherapy and massage therapies.

We’re here to help you improve your mental and physical health, teaching you techniques and delivering the treatments you need to become the best version of yourself, and truly live life to the full.

Here at Kinetic, we offer clinical & reformer pilates & physio, as well as remedial massage. We cover suburbs across Melbourne, including Ascot Vale, Brunswick & Maribyrnong

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